streda 20. decembra 2017

Interview James Beneventi !

1.Hi James..for first write something about old you are,where are you from,how old you skate?

1. My name is James beneventi I'm 40 years old and I'm from Rockford Illinois I started Skateboarding at age 8 I remember my friends older brother was a skater and when he would let us in his room he had a Misfits poster on the wall and his pads stunk like teenage aggression then seeing the pro boards for the first time that feeling inside I never looked back till this day and I never will it's been my whole life it's how I identify myself and it's how I live with myself without it I would be nothing
2.tell something about your local scene

My local area has a few good skate parks there all free outdoor ones I mainly just skate with my best friend Brian who I skated with in highschool we're the old guys at the park lol

3.whats your biggest inspiration in skateboarding and life?

My biggest inspiration in skateboarding and in life is probably Jesse Martinez his actions match his words and that's rare I look up to him in Skateboarding cause he's the raddest guy who ever stepped on a board and I respect and try to be like him in life because he is moral and humble, kind hearted Jesse is not following dollars he's too busy being one of us
4.youre newest rider for Ratz do you find us?

I started seeing you guys pop up on Donna's page and anything that she is involved with is always really SICK that's where it got started for me

5.your fav tricks

My favorite trick is anything I can land lol inverts where it starts for me around the time I was in grade school we had Scholastic book order catalogs that they sent home with us one month the catalog had a poster of Jeff Kendall doing an invert his santa Cruz pro model my mom ordered it for me and it went up on my wall and stayed there for years he had that invert so tweaked-out that you can see the full graphic on the board behind him and I used to just look up at it at night for hours lol I still have never landed one but that's the trick that stoaks me out

6.your music to skate?

jfa ,the dead milkmen ,agent orange, big boys ,misfits , Dead Kennedys , Minor Threat , Social Distortion , Bad Religion ,mc rad , the faction , the exploited ,

7.a word to: VISION PSYCHO SKATES:Vision psycho skates was the raddest thing in the world to me when I was a kid I still watch the videos on YouTube all the time!!
RICH SKATE KIDS: rich skate kids can suck and act shitty twords other kids but some of them just wanna skate and can't help how much money there parents make I think you just look at the individual person and evaluate them on the person they are other stuff shouldn't matter

VERT: well I'm a product of 1980s Skateboarding so vert is huge to me it's always been my favorite style of skating transitions in general are Skateboarding to me but I also think anything you can ride a skateboard on and have fun is rad!!

JAY BOY: Jay boy speaks for himself he is Skateboarding everything else is secondary J's the spark that started it all anyone who says different is a fucking kook dude

SKULL SKATES: skull skates is the raddest thing ever! It's gets back to what I was saying before about my friends older brothers room and some of the first skateboard images that I ever saw well the skull skates logo was one of them I remember being so blow away like wow skull skates dead guys with Sid Vicious on the board they were so hard core and I wanted to be connected to that image any way I could like putting on my skull skates shit was like telling the world to get fucked when I was still in grade school I'll never forget it I can't really afford there stuff now that there in Canada but I would totally wear it if I could it's a symbol of how I always thought skateboard and should feel
OLD SANTA CRUZ VIDEOS (80S): Old Santa Cruz videos rule!! Wheels on fire and Streets On Fire both have soundtracks that rule it was my introduction to a lot of those bands and I still listen to them today I love watching them one of my favorite parts of all time is Jeff Grasso skating to Black Flag in Streets On Fire it's in my top 5 favorite parts early Santa Cruz videos definitely shaped who I am in skateboarding to this day big influence the Goldwing videos were always really good too inside out and molecules in motion just such a rad time in Skateboarding!!!
8.TATTOOS,YOU GOT SOME? AND SKATE TATTOOS? I have some tattoos maybe 20 or so no skate tattoos yet but I have been planning a big piece soon that will have alot of 80s skate images in it
9.your best skate setup .My best skate set up would be Indy's with OJ wheels and 9 to 10 inch's by 30 to 33 inches
10.Top 5 skate decks graphic from 80s

Top 5 boards are
1. Rob roskopp face 2. Vision gator 2 3. Vision psycho stick 4. Mike McGill skull and snake 5. Skull Skates dead guys

11:your words mate: a word about me
Well I have learned a few things in life one is no matter how hard you try herion will never love you back you can have one or the other life, or herion but you can't have both period. I have also learned that Skateboarding is a part of me no matter what it doesn't matter how good I am or what board I have at the time it's a part of me I never had to come back to Skateboarding cause I never left! With all my mistakes and dumb ideas one thing has been constant and unwaverd is Skateboarding I guess I just have always known I need look no further thanx for reading about me, sincerely James