nedeľa 3. septembra 2017

Mareike Dirksen Interview...Hell..Pure...100% fun

1. Hi Mareike hows goin? Tell something about you, how old you skate, where are you from, your activities and how size deck you skate hahaa..

Hi Robert, high life, good times – I have no worries, I could have one, when I look the world outside, but in my own microcosmos… there‘s flow and what goes around comes around!
I am 33 years on this planet now, skateboarding comes in my life then I were 11 or 12 I don‘t know exactly… It was a sneaking process as more I found my individually my own meaning of punk – my skateboard got a important role and has it ’til today! I live in southern germany (near Stuttgart) and beside skateboarding I play in two bands and sometimes I work with mental handicapped kids to finance my simple lifestyle ha ha… My board is a 8.5 deck from Grotesque (a small brand from Stuttgart), Indy trucks and Spitfire wheels – the best set-up I skate so far!!! Beside my skateboard I have two other boards to cruise around or for really raw spots or distance skating: Hyper Bombi Ultra Surf with 70mm Wheels on it on a pool deck shape and the Fichtenelch, a little cruiser, that I cut out of a normal skateboard.‘re in two bands tell some infos,news about this passion and members…

The first is SKATE ANARCHOS ( and it‘s with one of my best friends. Hansi and I skate really often together in past and we will ever do and on the other side we make music to handle daily struggle… so we are the SKATE ANARCHOS!!!
The other band is called Ranz! ( a typical punk band, drum, bass, guitar, get drunk and high, one two three four… ha ha!

3.Randgeschichten zine? RAD zine ! Tell something about long you do that ??

Uuuuuh… yeah Randgeschichten, I start it in summer 2001, there I were 17 and want to have something on my own. And ’til today I do that, the zine grew with me ;-) make expierience like myself and I can‘t stop it, although I thought about it. But the next issue will be #20… I don‘t know yet how it will be go on… we will see! ;-)

4.your best skate spots/parks you ever skate, and skating now?

The old snake run at Stiring Wendl (near Saarbrücken on the France side) is sick, but it‘s better you do big (soft) wheels on your board. Great to surf! Frontside, backside and end in kind of a bowl without coping, don‘t know if it is skateable nowadays wasn‘t there for longer.
Marseille in South France is great and I will skate there again! 2er Spot at Hannover is fucking sick and RAD like you would say ;-) and for sure 110% DIY!!!
Here at my home I like the bowl park at Reutlingen and all the shitty small parks that not even perfekt but you can find a line and have fun, if you really want!

6.Music..whats your best brands? Do you like skaterock? Have you any skaterock tape? Hahaa

You mean bands, right!? Oh… there are so much… As a teen I like DIE TOTEN HOSEN and now I  respect them for their doing but it‘s not exactly my understanding of punk. I like melodic energetic Punkrock like PENNYWISE or BAD RELIGION, VENEREA, BURNING LADY, SPERMBIRDS,  Claus Grabke‘s (old Santa Cruz Pro) Bands: ALTERNATIVE ALLSTARS + 8 DAYS A WEEK.
Sometimes I listen to that punk that‘s a german phanomenon simple, raw music – D-Punk and it makes me a little bit sad that most of the lyrics don‘t lose on actuallity…
I also listen to CURE, DEPECHE MODE, NEW MODEL ARMY,… SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, ALIEN SEX FIEND… like wave, dark atmosphere, music where you can dance / dream away…
Yeah, I know skaterock and the trasher tapes but I haven‘t none – I listen to them over You Tube :-)

6.Do you like skate stickers? Collect them? If you do..whats your best sticker haaa

Robert, I‘m a skater so what a question… of course I like stickers! Ha ha… The ones I like very much I put on chosen parts or on my board. The spithead is rad, also the „locals only“ from rat bones…

7.fucking old dirty spots or new super skateparks..whats better for you??

Both! A good skatepark / spot for me is, when I step on my board and it flow…
Today I think we are on a good way to build (premium and diy) spots which flow, like surf style and who wants can also do super hard technical tricks.

8.A word to Black Flag : Henry Rollins a legend. For much people an important band, I have to admit that I don‘t listen often to them but when where is a party / session and Black Flag are on air… why not? Punkrock!  

Olympic games : Olympia needs skateboarding more than skateboarding needs to be olympic! It‘s such an individual thing how would they judge it??? Some skaters say, personal they like skating get olympic because they can do advertisment for yogurt and make money… ha ha… but for skateboarding itself, nothing – real skateboarding is on the streets, underground, spots their orinary people have fear to get there, because they can‘t understand our lifestyle – we live in different worlds! Koexist, live and let live… I don‘t care about olympia and skateboarding.

Skull skates: I have to admit that I must google it, but I like :-)

 Ba.Ku:  Don‘t know! And won‘t search for it… ha ha...

 wearing thrasher stuff: Wear what you want/like.

9. Your words..greetings etc..

Thanks Robert for your interest to interview me and a big thanks to take me on RATZ Team!!! I am really proud of that! We live in such a chaotic world and it is punk and skateboarding which help to join together and contact us… In these times because of the internet it is easier to find people who live in a same way but the first active have to come from yourself and I like the commutation with people they have same passions like me ;-)
So greetz to all of RATZ Team and every skater who do it by their heart and even smile, while rolling… Cheers to ya all!!!