štvrtok 7. septembra 2017

Interview Donna VanEmpel..hell..pure..100%

1.Hi Donna...for first tell somtething about you.what are you from,how old you are..how old you
skate..whats your best shoes to skate hahaa
....I am from White Rock, BC Canada..I’m 41 years old but feel 20! I’ve skated since early 80’s!!! I
wear old school vans of course!!!!
2.tell something about ug skate scene in Canada
....Canada rules! There is some super Rad skate spots my Favourite is a ditch called Butthole Ditch...I
love ripping allies and streets!! Their is an awesome skateboard community here in Canada, we all try
to support one another.
3.Youre fucking RADICAL!! Whats your inspiration in skateboarding and life??
I’m inspired by the golden years of skating in the 80’s! skaters like Rob Mertz, alva, Frankie Hill, i
could go on and on....in life i try to be positive and spread the stoke and just have fun!

4.Your favourite tricks..
I like grinding curbs and just make up the names of my own tricks like “the hot Donna special” haha!
ramps are fun too..i dont worry much about tricks i just love having fun
5.Your favourite spots what you skate !
The Butthole ditch...hills in my town..mini ramps, basically anywhere i can roll!!!!

6.Music..whats your best music..let know best brands..and what songs are best for you to skate?
I love JFA..Nomeansno..DOA...Zero boys..The Stranglers...so many more too!!!!
7. a word to
SKULL SKATES: They’re amazing, like Family so very supportive
BA.KU:Rad people Kult as fuck..
BEYOND POSSESSION: Canadian so you can’t go wrong!!
JFA: Love them! skate rock! so good to see live! I wish they’d come back to Canada!!
DECK THIN RIBS:oooooolld school! sometimes i use rails sometimes not
TAILBONE: I havent broken mine,yet haha!
80 ́S SHAPE DECK: All my decks are old shapes, is there any other way? i love Pig shape best
HACKETT: My new favourite deck Hackett Iron cross!! yeah!!!!
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: Another legendary band! awesome to skate to!

8.You like tattoos too..Have you skate tatoo?? If you have...which one? ..I love tattoos and i want
more.. i have one skate tattoo on my wrist, a skull with two decks...my next skate tattoo will be the
Santa Cruz Slasher!!
9.TOP 5 SKATE DECK ART 1: Vato rat bones 2:skull skates Horse 3:skull skates Lifes a Beach 4: old
school JFA 5: anything Zorlac

10. To the End..Sorry about your dad...im with deep condolences with you..if you want you can write
something about your Dad...with your last words..greeetings..etc
..everything what you want.
My Dad was amazing, supportive and was the best Dad on Earth. Kind, Strong and Brave. I am
everything i am because of my Dad.
RIP 1946-2017