štvrtok 23. októbra 2014


1. Hi chiara..how is going? Tell us some info..where are you from,how old are you..and how size deck you skate

 Hi Guys! I’m Chiara, I’m 26 , I was born and live in Rome, a magic and amazing city I hate most of the time!  I skate with a 8.25 deck,a right compromise to skate both in street and in transitions too.

 2.Tell us something about your skateboarding...you skate with kneepads, that‘s RAD.. and I saw RAD trick in bowl etc..tell something about your way

Well, my skateboarding is mostly inspired by 80’s tricks. Of course I don’t despise technical tricks, but I grew up listening punkrock and punkhardcore music, so my attitude in the way I skate is closely connected with my background and roots (Sometimes I prefer a rude fs-grind on a poolcoping then a switch hardflip in flatground ,hahaha.) .
I started skateing in transitions (pool, miniramps and so on), but I don’t like limit my skateboarding , basically  I think skateboarding is creativity,and you can bring your own creativity in all kind of places and spots  you can skate,so I try my best in street too. The most important thing is don’t forget to have fun , you can bring your skateboard everywhere and express yourself trought your style, your attitude,your tricks, and learning new stuff too... just for yourself! Once upon  a time a certain  Ian MacKaye says : ‘‘ Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you. It’s a way of getting out of the house, connecting with other people and looking at the world through different sets of eyes. „   and that’s the magic that people rarely understand : sometimes it takes only a parking lot to make our days ! 
Yes I skate with kneepads(in transitions, not in  street) basically because my bruises and hematomas take months to heal ahaha!

3. Tell us something about your skate scene in Italy  

Ah! Too much to say: I start telling you that skateboarding in Italy is  considered (most of the time)by common people as a  pastime for kids or jerks who lose their time with a piece of wood, but things are changing in last two years: The fashion industries and the possible introduction of skate in the Olympics have awakened the interest of politics and sportive association and brands in this discipline. They’re building many new skateparks, especially in the north of Italy, even if we’re still so far from the European scene; and the more you go down to the south of Italy the more you can see desolation and speculation.  It’s crazy if you think that in Rome ( capital of Italy!) there is only one public skatepark in the whole city! By the way skateboarders’ scene is not bad, it’s various (kids, man,rap,punks, idiots...) , and quite united to improve the situation. Let me write a positive note about  skatergirls’ scene too: we are still a few , but strong and united, even if there are always girls who skate for fashion and give up too early at the first scar!
4..Listen Skaterock music?? Now you‘re in team with maniac like Vlera RODKIN,Mareike Dirksen,and two members of JFA Brian and Carter..do you like JFA? Write to us your 3 best JFA songs if you like :

 First, i’m stoked to be part of this crazy team, Second, I course like and listen JFA, they were one of the band I used to listen most since the very first years of my adolescence  , and they’re still one of the band that influences  me. Only three songs?  Impossible,but I used to listen their first album on the bus before going to school,now I often listen JFA and others during my skate sessions.

5..5 TOP SKATEROCK BANDS..or bands you like  -

It’s easier make a Top 5 skaterock bands instead of  a top 5 band I like most, so
1)Minor threat, Black flag ,and not necessary in this order:
2) Gang green
3)bones brigate
4) fu manchu
5) off!
8) Mcrad...ok it’s impossible for me! I give up with the top5! By the way let me suggest you a great skatepunk band from Rome: SHRED (Shred,Still hitting the ground)! Pure fun guaranteed!

6. Your best tricks you like..your best RAD tricks –
Currently: Layback and Crailslide drive me insane.

7. Your top 5 best skaters, your influences in skateboarding  –

Argh! AsI  just said..I hate to classify...But i’m sure about who put at the first place : Valerio Soranzo, the guy I love, and above all the most genuine skateboarder I ever known! 100% skateboarder and stubbornness , he skates since he was a child, and he never gives up, despite injuries and the time,  he never lost his grit and the love for skateboarding. He puts all hisself in every trick. He was the first who believes in me and in everything I do. He didn’t teach me only sick tricks ,but  he pushes me always in overcoming my limits and motivates me.
Current teams I like: Antihero and Creature, ba.ku...
I was influenced by historical videos like Streets on fire (Santacruz) , Misled youth (ZERO),  Welcome to hell ( Toy Machine) ....Also, I always appreciate various skaters for their style, attitude, and craziness : from Duane peters, to Ali boulala,Dustin Dollin, Corey Duffel , Richie Jackson, David Gravette, Lacey Baker and others...

8Your Raddest skate spots –  Raddest spots I skated at the moment  :
      Four fullpipes near Rome, they’re actually abandoned silos, they were founded by a skaterguy during a rave in an old factory,after that, they were transferred near a port waiting to be disposed. Second one is an abandoned ship , not far from Rome, pretty insane,also because its hull is inclined,but so sick and fun to skate!
There are also other secret spots I can’t tell you ahahhaah ..

 9.SKATEPARKS? OR DIY? What is better for you? :

      I don’t min enjoy skateparks, especially when I travel, I like to visit local skateparks, testing new structures and meet new people, but the most fascinating part in skateboarding still remains the searching for spots : sometimes it became very  hard, a real adventure... you can ride or drive for miles searching a spot you only listened about it, but it‘s always worth it . What can I say about diy spots? I wish there were more in Rome, but there are just a few. It is difficult to build something in this city and pretend, hope it lasts and remains. Sometimes d.i.y structures are removed from the garbageman, sometimes they are stolen , and sometimes they are damaged from other people...

      10.Do you like stickers? Collect them? Whats your best..or skate stuff like skate books..skaterock album etc.
My room is invaded by stickers . I like  stickers from the band I like and listen to,or gigs I’ve been, or skate/surf stuff and friends I support...But  I’m not a real collector,  I prefer save and spend my money in travel,searching for places and spot to skate, surf, and listen to good music.Probably  the only thing I collect are my old decks. I can not throw them away, they’re part of me, sometimes I  give them to kidz who want to learn skateboarding.

11.   Big thanks to you, and for being in RATZ  team and thanks for your answers..something in the end: your words,greetings etc..

I’d like to thank you Ratz team for the possibility to be part of this and for trusting in me , and all  people who put determination ,passion and love in building their own dream! Never give up, Skate and destroy!

Valerii Rodkin is another RAD skater in this fucking world! Have the same opinion like me..HELL!!

Chceck interwiew

1.ME: Hi Valerrii..tell something about you,how old are you,where you from,where do you live..how long you skate..
Valerii: My name is Valera Rodkin and I'm 25 right now,going to be 26 years old this October. Originally I'm from Russia,from a small town near to finland . I spent there 17 years of my life,which is kinda sad but also wonderful. Since 2009 I been living in finland, many different places but now I live currently in Helsinki.  I been skating around 12 or 13 years, and I'm glad I'm still skating,hope to see myself skating many many years more! Right now I'm not doing shit,cus in july I'm going to army,so that was an good idea just to chill before that,and skate as much as it possible. But last six to eight months I worked in construction company. I also had surgery on my nose in February and another one is coming in june,but nothing really serious.
2.Me: Whats better for you diy spot or official Skatepaks?, and what diy or parks you recommend  someone who wants come  skate to Finland.

Valerii:  Oh man. That's a tought question kinda. Well,i do love DIY spots more than official parks,but that doesn't mean I don't skate both. I like to skate pretty much everything and everywhere.
But In my opinion there is a huge difference between people that go to diy spots and official parks. We are all skaters,which is great. I don't really want to see any beefs between skaters cus its the dumbest thing ever.  But I prefer to hang around more like at diy spot. I hate the thing that these days if the skatepark must be done they build it pretty much for everyone. I mean ive seen 3 years old scooter kid at skatepark and he couldn't even walk properly,thats kinda fucked! But if you skate diy spots,or parks,u wont see all those fuckers. There is totally different world,and different people ,kinda another world,its hard to explain you gotta see it yourself.
About parks I would recommend,i don't really know that much diy spots in the whole finland, but for sure if you come to Helsinki you must go and skate suvilahti diy! another great park in the woods is samuli side, its at huopalahti train station, roihuvuori diy is also pretty fun to skate,but suvilahti is a must!


3.What would you do in full skatepark of rich kids ??
Valerii: Ha! fuck em all man! I don't really pay attention anymore on that kinda crap,too much stress and strengths into nothing! I know some parks here,for example in Helsinki where I wouldn't like to go mostly because of the people. And remember kids,if you start to ignore some people it will make their butts hurt like hell
so yeah I don't really pay attention on that.

4.ME:Tell something about SKATANIC REICH!
Valerii: Oh that! Fuck yeah man skatanic reich for life! Reich and fucking roll! That was/is( I don't know) a crew me and my buddy made,i kinda picked up the name and we took a pic from jayboy chest tat,where was skate swastika and it says 100% skateboarder,im still thinking that's the smartest thing I did in my life. The problem is that people don't really get it. I think at some point people were really sure we worship hitler and hate jews and blacks,hahaha. That was funny how much shit I heard here in Helsinki about it and kinda lost connection with some people,but I also remember how I went to Copenhagen and met skate rats from Israel and they said skatanic reich is the best shit ever ( DORZIV AND JONATHAN I FUCKING LUV YOU MY BROTHERS!) its all about attitude and how you see it,right? So when you see swastika and word reich ,its just easy to call person a Nazi. I was also wearing ss patches and Totenkopf,but its more like a metal and punk thing,kinda I don't give a fuck ,fuck all of you. Its really hard to explain to person that's not into it. But yeah,we made clips,couple of shirts I think and stickers,oh yes! Damn this story is fucking sick,listen! We went to vert attack last year,and I took stickers with me. I was just giving em all to random people and people were stoked,and after 1 day I met there Chuck  Treece,that black guy from MCRAD! they were playing there with grindline,and I fucking looove skate rock,since I was a kid! So I went talk to Chuck and I was like FUCK YEAH MAN SKATE ROCK FUCKING SICK YYYEAAAHH! screaming like an idiot in front of his face,telling him how good MCRAD is and how I love em,and then I was like,YO MAN I GOT SOME FREE STICKERS FOR YOU,and that was like a black out,i don't know what happened but I gave him all stickers I had on me,like I dunno,60 maybe?haha he was stoked, and he told me, HEY I ALSO GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU,I'LL BRING IT TOMOROW,and what do you think? HE FUCKING BROUGHT ME MCRAD VINYL! just for free! 2 vinyls in one,I WAS MEGA STOKED,he said he like the idea and he was a big fan of jayboy skating

5.ME:HELL!!Tell something about SKATE NAZI!
Valerii: Skate Nazi is a pretty simple thing. Notging really about being racist or real Nazi,but to be kinda core skater,and skate and slash fucking posers. You can go to urban dictionary it gives you pretty damn good explanation.
6.ME:Yes, i know...Are you started already a training  to the olympics ?
Valerii:  haha fucking Olympics man, this world is doomed if they  decide to put skateboarding into Olympics. tell me how can u judge this discipline? I don't really give a fuck whats going one in modern skateboarding,i don't really follow the news except some brands,but Olympics?hahaha tell it to GROSSO.
7.ME:Whats your favourite music,bands..skaterock... and whats your best songs to skate?
Valerii: Oh man,i listen to all good fucking music. From old rock n roll to thrash metal,from blues to hardcore, reggae to punk and Eurodance to black metal. Of course there is my fav genres,but I'm pretty open person in that question. I listen a lot of black metal,stoner,sludge and doom, and hardcore punk,fucking skate rock,all that shit ,I cant really pick up just one band
8.ME:YES! I love the boneless ones skate for the devil so much fucking HELL!! Whats  your biggest inspiration for skate?? For me its Zboys and RAD 80s..and nowdays for me,every Rad skater like you man..and for you? tell some skaters,videos,documentaries whatewer  what inspired you
Valerii:  I get inspired by people who can fire you up when you skate,u know what  I mean?
I fucking love 80's,thats the golden era in my mind. But in my opinion you have to live here and right now,you cant go back so...so yeah,i love anti hero,our life,fucking santa cruz,some local brands I can call,like ita,flu,what else? really hard to remember em all, I just like when people actually skate,you know? I like when skaters do something,do for local scene,for homies,help each other,maybe  making gigs,u know? that's what inspires me a lot. Skating in general and good people.

9.ME:How much skate tattoos do you have? Haha.. only  your skate tattoos..which one is the best for you?? Send photo
Valerii: . I got some tats,but if you want to know only about skate inks,i would say a classic skate rock logo, and a rat with molotow cocktail grinding coping,sk8 or die on my fingers,rip jay adams tat on my hand next to the fingers,18 anti hero tat,fuck man now I'm starring at myself like an idiot haahah,i don't really remember em all,got way too many
10.ME:I have skate tatoos a lot too... Do you collect skate stickers? If you collect, wich one is best strcker for you?, .. tell what kind skate art you like?..what skate artists?
Valerii: Nah man I don't really collect stickers,i mean if I get one i'll probably stick it somewhere around. I like old stickers from 80's and 90's,i like pushead a lot!!!! he made art at least for zorlac! and couple of more  companies. I like to share and change stickers with my friends, but usually I just put em on my borad,bed or walls, I think they fit there better than just in a plastic bag
but hey,its a fetish for some people,i know couple of old dogs from finland,and they got fucking sick ass sticker collection!
11.ME: Do you read skate fanzines? Collect them? Which  is the best for you ?
Valerii: . For the last 3-4 years I read only confusion mag,and a lowcard if I can get it,i haven't seen lowcard mag in a while,not even sure they make it anymore? but yeah my buddy Nicolas knows Jonathan Hay,a guy behind HOAX and CONFUSION,so I get a free mag sometimes. I don't really collect mags,i buy thrasher sometimes only to cut anti hero ads or some other ones and put em on my wall, but I kinda lost interest. I like zines and I would like to see them more here,but it is what it is. If you know some cool skate zines please let me know
12.ME: What does you do if you dont skate..oh f_ck thats not a good question i am interested about things around your skateboarding....What about patches? Have you some RAD skate patches? Yeaah thats better question..


Valerii:  I used to have shit lots of patches,but now I have only few
I don't know,but I think I kinda grew up a lot for the last couple of years,i mean I do love all the same things still,but I don't have to show it to everyone anymore,got it? I like skate patches mostly,and maybe rare bands,gotta keep it simple and brilliant hahah
13.ME:Are you a member of 100% skateboarder club?
Valerii:  Oh yeah man,i'll be always on my grind! Skate to fucking hell
14.ME:At the end.. whatewer what you want write..greetings..etc.
Valerii: Thank you goes to first of all my mom and dad,no matter how asshole I'm they always love me,fucking all locals from suvilahti,helsinki,ponkes the shop(ripa,nikke,wilson) and lamina skateshop(pete,erik,ville),my homeboy haydn and his lil sis helli,nicolas,fafas,my buddy igor,samu karvonen for saying times change,flu skateboards for maiking boards witchcraft look and feels alike,oulu,real deal,peff,and sami who got me back into skating! hiukkavaara and hintta skateparks(great fucking times),tero for the last quick crete tips,miksu and oulu dudes for ripping its such a pleasure to see em skating,andreas(hey I got snus for you),Andrei sulim, veronica, PASILA AND KANNELMAKI,rayn salter fucking meme king,my friend MAX(fucking gay fuck you), SEAN,maksy for changing my mind couple of years ago,COPENHAGEN AND MALMO, JONATAN AND CREECH, SILENT O,christiania,vert attack,WILL TAYLOR AND THE GNARLIEST SKATE NAZI NICLAS! HIGHWAY MURDERES,andy roy and BILL FUCKING DANFORTH! and of course RAD SKATEZ!!!

FUCK YOU goes to posers,scooter kids,fucking 40 years dads and moms at skateparks,cops from leppavaara,suit guys,people in thrasher clothes that cant even skate,fakes,shitty gigs,and negative people


Craig Scott Questions

ROB: Hi craig,tell us who you are,when did you come and how long you skate?I have skated for a real long time since I was 14 im 24 now.
Im craig scott or to most questions 

ROB: When you get inspiration for your draws and old school skateboarding? There are a lot of influences I like the art of Joe Colman, Gary panter, howard.F, loads of people as well as all the old skate stuff the d.i.y approach of punk just doing things yourself everything around you, I’m inspired by all the dreams and dropouts of this world all the kids that ride freight trains live in the woods and govern there own existence, the people who had a vision to build and build and build I like people who choose to live on the fringe of society people how have a pause to create and become obsessed with what they do the world is a wonderful place not so much all the people in it there are a lot of influence sometime I’m fueled but my bittiness towards humanity 

ROB: Tell us something about your activities(roadkill,your zines and others)... for what brands are you working for? I have done work for  Vice Magazine

Fun Magazine

Kingpin Magazine

Sidewalk Magazine

Heroin Skateboards

Death Skateboards

The Source Skate Shop Canada 

Rollaway Skate Shop

Haze WheelsSkateside Skate Shop

Antiz Skateboards

Ditto Press

Caught in the Crossfire
I screen printed for a long time and always made things so there are years of zines shirts and patches 

ROB: How it's about skate scene in England? Who are your best friends to skate? England is alright it’s a funny skate scene here its shit really to clickly the political view   of skateboarding is fucking shit  I like skating with whoever really I don’t know 

ROB: How its your opinion for modern skateboarding,big corporates,energy drinks,big money prizes in U.S contests and other shits? I think its all shit I don’t care about any of it I like the act of skateboarding that’s about it 

Skateboarding is dead really 

ROB: You've been in U.S, what is there is the best spots do you skate there and what is the best skater do you met there? I skated with all the welcome guys there a lot of fun its all good there I like it a lot its sleazy America is one big mistake its great I like Nolan Johnson riley kerr, I like logan dlevin, cody all them guys there all rad 

ROB: Do you like cocnrete? And what are you think about diy culture in skateboarding..diy spots and public skateparks which you think it 
is better? Its all good its better to find your own spots or make them for sure I think its all positive it good 

ROB: You are punk and skateboarding in one body(hehe)..what are you thinking about punk attitude in skateboarding? tatoos,empty pools,originality, and modesty,?
Its great there are no rules to skateboarding people should learn that 

ROB: Have you ever met with members of Ba.Ku?(heh)
Yeah deerman I stayed his brothers house they got me on gullwing there fucking rad 

ROB: Something on the end? Any message?
Yeah take these conflict song and think about it 

Do you know that at least 70% of the human population of this planet starve and many more do not get enough to eat? You must now be familiar with reports of the famine In Ethiopia, where the weather has been so dry that crops fall, where the people are so hungry they have to walk many miles to the nearest relief station where there might be food If proplr have been generous. In any one station at least 40 people a day die. totally shriveled. They haven't the energy to brush away the flies that are waiting for THEIR meal. These poeple are the victims of our western governments. In Britain alone there are massive great food stores where surplus grain sits, In the EEC there are food mountains, In Amrerica farmers are paid to destroy part of their harvest, while big corporations plunder the 3rd world countries at the expense of the natives. Why Is this - economics, the science of greed. That which says people must pay western prices for their food. Natural starving countries can't afford this especially when their government takes the best fIrst. The western government have plenty of money. They tax us on our income, then they tax us on what we buy. They take the money we have worked for and use It to buy arms. They would rather be able to destroy the world 12 instead of 10 times over than transport surplus food to those who die. Indeed, they become 111 through obesity. Must we tolerate these obscenities? When soon even we may be starving because of their taxes. 

Some people don't see the connections between big bussiness and destruction. The biggest murderers are MacDonald's. Not only do they breed and slaughter millions of cattle, great rain forests are pulled down to make way for grazing ground. This destroys hundreds of unique species each time not to mention the fact that we need trees to produce oxygen for the planet. Many birds In North America migrate to these forests, on arriving and finding no forest they die. The drop In population of birds means more insects and the Americans only answer to this is pesticide. We all know about factories who manufacture pesticide, you know about Union Carbide. They're an American Company who set up dangerous plants. It doesn't matter, nearly 3,000 Indians are now dead due to their callousness, thousands have strokes and injuries that will never heal. Innocent people who had done nothing, whose life is not easy anyway, and why? So America can steal food from the starving millions. 

Nearly all big bussiness, is based on explanation of the worst kinds. Cosmetic companies use dead animals to make their products, then poison many more by feeding it to them with the end result of encouraging sexism by convincing men and women to look the same as each other. Advertising promotes this and advertising of any kind usually portrays women as a sex object only, there to be raped. Drug companies (like Roche & ICI) claim to Invent new drugs to cure Imagined diseases. Thousands die at the hands of their useless research. They try to make drugs to cure heart disease which was originally caused by the sufferer eating meat and dairy products to excess. Booker McConnell own everything from butchers to health shops, as long as the cash rolls in who cares? Other companies who make machinery and domestic appliances (like Thorn EMI.) also makes defense gadgetry. British Aerospace specialize In fighters in favour of passenger jets. Governments pay more for weaponry that domestic consumers pay for domestic items. That's why many many comapnies world wide clamour for defense orders, some would go bankrupt without them. The final Industry, uranium mining, sponsored in Britain by RTZ plunders the landscape, kills the wildlife,exploits the natives and gives them cancer. The product makes bombs to kill all and 15 used for nuclear fuel. The kind of power that produces waste which can be pumped Into the sea In Cumbria. Deformed babies and children dying and leukemia are coincidences

Kristian Svitak

Rozmýšlal som nad nejakou rubrikou a napadlo ma že sa budem pýtať pár otravných otázok
a to fakt len pár,len taká kokocinka a pýtať sa barzkoho. Prvé vidanie rubriky prijal KRISTIAN
SVITAK tak čítaj.

ROB: Možeš nám niečo povedat o sebe a svojích aktivitách a ako sa ti darí ? 

DISTRIBUTION,KILL THE KOOL a hrajem v kapelách ako THE HEARTACHES a R.RING, takže som zaneprázdený skejtovaním, hraním v kapelách a venovaním sa mojej rodine. Všetko ide velmi dobre a zažívam kopec srandy.

ROB: TOP! Landshark je brutálna skladbička od punkových THE FANG. Som fanúšik obydvoch
značiek. Na oficialnej stránke 1031 je vidno napísané THE UNDERGROUND STILL BLEEDS.
Snažíš sa udržiavat skejtové korene?

KRISTIAN: Oh úžasné! Som rád že sa ti páči to čo robím. Snažím sa len robit čo sa dá a čo ma baví
a to zo správnych dovodov a pre seba.

ROB: Chápem, máš nejaké plány do budúcna v tvojich aktivitách?

KRISTIAN: V skutočnosti som nikdy nemal nejaký hlavný plán. Jednoducho viac žiť a snažiť sa s tým podeliť s celým svetom a potom urobit čo najlepší produkt ako je len možné.

ROB: Vdaka,Niečo na koniec? Nejaký odkaz?

KRISTIAN: Have fun!!